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Primary Health clinics are clean, open and safe for urgent care, family medicine, specialist and pediatric patients.

Respiratory Clinics are open daily offering curbside services for patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

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State Street

Primary Health State Street clinic
6052 West State Street
Boise, ID 83703
FAX: 208-344-7152

Open Every Day
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

State Street Patient Reviews


Ryan Baugher, D.O. family doctor in Boise
Ryan Baugher, D.O.
family physician Bruce Belzer, MD in Boise, ID
Bruce Belzer, M.D.
Boise dermatologist Matthew Bender, MD
Matthew Bender, M.D.
Boise urgent care provider Brian Cey, CFNP
Brian Cey, C.F.N.P.
Boise ENT care provider Scott Morril, PA-C
Scott Morrill, P.A.-C
ENT ear, nose, throat specialist in Boise, Matthew Mors, D.O.
Matthew Mors, D.O.
Mary Beth Nagle, M.D. female family doctor in Boise
Mary Beth Nagle, M.D.
Boise ENT physician Martin Tubach, MD
Martin Tubach, M.D.
Urgent care provider in Meridian, Idaho Sammy Verner
Sammy Verner, P.A.-C.
family doctor and sports medicine physician Kelly Wilkinson, MD
Kelly Wilkinson, M.D.