Jedd Moore, C.F.N.P.

Jedd is now accepting new family medicine patients by appointment at our Downtown clinic. Learn more, make an appointment online or call 208-472-9082.

About Your Patient Portal

All Primary Health Medical Group patients have an online Patient Portal. Your Patient Portal offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant way to contact your family doctor or urgent care provider and manage your private health information. 

To register or get access to your account, simply click "Enroll Now" on the bottom lefthand corner of the Patient Portal login page.  If you are a caregiver and would like to link children's accounts, please enroll each child individually first, then use the healow app to see all accounts in one place.

Through your Patient Portal, you can:

  • Contact your provider by using the “General Message” feature 
  • Get instant access to referral details, or request a new referral
  • Get instant access to your test results and request future testing
  • Manage your and your family's important health information like medications, allergies and much more

Patients Love the App

The secure healow app makes it easy to manage your health information on any device. You can also access the accounts of your minor children, and your spouse and parents with their consent.

Download the app for your device and use practice code GJDCAA: