COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine

Read the latest information on COVID-19 testing and vaccine services.

Seasonal Illness and COVID-19 Services

COVID-19 Vaccine

We are administering COVID vaccine to patients in accordance with guidelines outlined by the State of Idaho and the health districts.

The following groups are eligible to receive vaccine:

  1. All medical staff and medical related personnel
  2. Adult and child protective services
  3. Child welfare workers
  4. Community food, housing and relief services
  5.  Coroner and medical examiners
  6. Correctional and detention facility staff (medical and non-medical)
  7. Education: Pre K through 12 school staff, teachers and daycare (childcare) workers
  8. First responders (firefighters/police) and safety (protective services/community support)
  9. Idaho Fish and Game and USDA Law enforcement offers
  10. Residential schools or facilities providing behavioral health treatment
  11. Long term care facility residents (correctional, detention, certified family homes, group adult daycare)

To make an appointment, please call the clinic nearest you.

Updated 1/20/21

View or download our COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs here.

COVID-19 and Illness Testing

Patients with illness symptoms, regardless of the cause, can be seen at the below clinics. If tested for COVID-19, results are back in 3 - 5 days.

We are currently testing:

  • Patients who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Patients with NO symptoms of COVID-19 who desire be tested

If you need to be seen for illness or COVID-19 symptoms, please call one of our clinics below for a same-day appointment. Our medical team can also evaluate and test for other illnesses including influenza and strep.

For patients with illness or COVID-19 symptoms:

Cole & Fairview (1475 N. Cole Road in Boise): 208-809-2880
Garden City (5601 W. Chinden Blvd.): 208-809-2865
Nampa (700 Caldwell Blvd): 208-466-6567
Broadway (1907 S. Broadway Ave. in Boise): 208-345-1222
Chinden & Linder (1900 W. Chinden Blvd. in Meridian): 208-809-2860
Meridian (1648 NW 1st Ave.): 208-888-9393
North Caldwell (512 N. 21st Ave.): 208-809-2875
Overland & Maple Grove (8971 W. Overland Rd.  in Boise): 208-378-4288

For patients with NO symptoms:

Cole & Fairview (1475 N. Cole Road in Boise): 208-809-2880
Nampa Garrity (1375 N. Happy Valley Rd.): 208-809-2869

For children 17 and younger with COVID-19 symptoms:

Pediatric Urgent Care (3280 E. Lanark Dr. in Meridian): 208-377-4400
Children are also welcome at our other locations

Symptoms include fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, the new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea. These same symptoms may also be seen in a number of other illnesses, and this list does not include all possible symptoms. In an emergency situation, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Our COVID-19 symptom checker can also help you determine the best way to access care. ​

Symptom Checker

If you have general questions about coronavirus in Idaho, please call your local health district (numbers below) or click here to learn more about coronavirus in Idaho.

Southwest District Health: 208-455-5411
Central District Health: 208-321-2222

Download a copy of the Coronavirus Patient Handout here.

See CDC patient instructions (English and Spanish) for patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are under investigation.
See CDC caregiver instructions (English and Spanish) for people who are caring for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.