COVID Vaccine Update

COVID vaccine is now available for all patients age 6 months and older. Learn more here.

Why PHMG Loves BSU

We love Boise State University Football. Most people in Boise do (except a few rogue Idaho State Vandals fans). Sure the games - and tailgating - are fun. And it's easy to catch the contagious atmosphere that swirls about the valley when a game is approaching. But we love BSU for another reason - what they do for Boise and the surrounding area in terms of National Spotlight.

BSU has allowed the Treasure Valley become something other than a punchline for a potato joke. They have created excitement and helped garner interest from new companies and families looking to move to the area. And even helped draw attention to the comprehensive medical facilities that are looking for quality, dedicated physicians here in the area. Including PHMG. So now, it's a little easier to broach the Boise area with people that might have never been here before to see our amazing community first hand. We have beautiful outdoor recreation areas, plentiful cultural activities, and friendly communities - now we can show even more people.

Thanks BSU - keep up the good work.