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Swim Safe this Summer

Swimming can be a real treat for kids on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, drowning is a danger even for children who have taken swimming lessons. It's important for your child to receive ongoing education, have an understanding of general water safety, and know what to do if they or a friend go into distress.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury and death for children ages 1 to 14 years and the fifth leading cause for people of all ages.

In addition to being life-saving, swimming lessons and water safety can be a confidence booster that creates opportunities for your child to socialize with other children while promoting physical activity.

Check out these two local options for water safety and swimming lessons this summer, no matter what your budget:

City of Boise


Classes are available for all ages, including adaptive classes for children with disabilities. Swimming lessons take place at Borah High School. Don’t let cost be a barrier. The City of Boise offers the Kristin Armstrong Scholarship program for families in our community who are experiencing financial hardship. Contact our Medical Home Coordinator, Stacy Rhoads, at our Pediatric Clinic if you need help finding or filling out the paperwork.

Dive Magic (2 locations)

Vista: 208-319-3483
Orchard: 208-342-1378

Dive Magic offers swim classes for all children, including children who are on the spectrum. Call either location to learn more about class times, registration, and cost. If you would like to learn more about Redesign, a program for autistic children, call our Pediatric Clinic to speak with Stacy Rhoads.