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CEO Retirement Announcement

Boise, March 17th, 2022 – Primary Health Medical Group announced today that David Peterman, M.D., CEO and pediatrician, will retire on May 13th, 2022. Current Director of Family Medicine, Daniel Reed, M.D., will become the new CEO of Primary Health Medical Group. 

Dr. David Peterman and Dr. Dan Reed

In a message to staff, Dr. Peterman said, “I am extremely fortunate to have been the leader of Primary Health since its beginning in 2004. What we have accomplished over the past 18 years is incredible. My success and the success of the company are directly related to the hard work and talent of all of you. I am very gratified and especially thankful for the care you have provided our community during the pandemic. Your efforts have positively impacted more than a million patient visits, and you have saved thousands of lives. It has been a privilege to be the CEO of Primary Health.” He added, “Dr. Dan Reed has been with Primary Health ever since we formed. I have great confidence in Dan and I’m excited to see where he will take Primary Health as the new CEO.”

“David has been a personal and professional mentor throughout my career in medicine,” said Dr. Dan Reed, incoming CEO. “His commitment to high-quality care has gotten us to where we are today, and has put us in an excellent position to continue to serve our rapidly-growing community. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities the next few years will bring.”