7 Quick Tips to Ease Back-to-School Anxiety

Pediatrician advice for back to school anxiety

By Angela Beauchaine, MD

The start of school can make even a good student anxious, especially if the child will be attending a new school for the first time.

Here are a few tips that can make the transition easier:

1. For young children, read books like “Froggy Goes to School”

2. Ask the teacher if the child can help set up the classroom

3. Visit the school to look around ahead of time, find classrooms and locker

Adjusting Your Child’s Sleep Schedule for Back to School

Young boy with enough sleep and ready for back to school

By Angela Beauchaine, MD

With a few weeks left until school starts, now is a great time to work on adjusting sleep routines. Long summer days lead to late nights and lax schedules, especially when fun events overlap with the start of the school year. Water parks, baseball games, fairs and rodeos are still going strong when late August arrives. But waiting till the last summer weekend to enforce an earlier bedtime will only result in a restless child lying awake for hours.

Primary Health Supports Medicaid Expansion

ACMS and Idahoans for Healthcare logos

Primary Health Medical Group has announced its support for closing the Medicaid coverage gap in Idaho and will make contributions to Idahoans for Healthcare, the group managing the ballot initiative public relations campaign, and to Ada County Medical Society (ACMS), Idaho’s largest medical society.

New Caldwell Clinic Announcement

Primary Health Medical Group has announced plans to open its second Caldwell clinic, which will be located in the College Marketplace development at 21st and Chicago Street in Caldwell, Idaho.

Medication Disposal

Patients often ask how they can safely dispose of their uneeded prescription medications. While Primary Health clinics are not collection sites, we are happy to provide you with the following information.

At-Home Disposal

Ten Mile Now Open

Primary Health is pleased to announce the grand opening of our newest clinic at 260 S. Ten Mile in Meridian, in the Ten Mile Creek development at Ten Mile and Franklin Roads.

Idaho's First Pediatric Urgent Care Coming to Meridian

Rendering of Primary Health Pediatric Urgent Care clinic

Primary Health Medial Group has announced plans to open Idaho’s first Pediatric Urgent Care in a new combination clinic located near RC Willey at Eagle and Franklin Roads in Meridian.

Flu Symptoms? Head to Urgent Care within 48 Hours

Flu activity is widespread in 49 states and from coast to coast, hospitals and emergency rooms are struggling to keep up with patient demand. In California, tents have been set up to triage thousands of patients in recent weeks as hospitals overflow. In Alabama, a state of emergency has been declared as half of all county hospitals are at 90% capacity, full or over capacity.

More Than 1,000 Bikes Donated

Bicycles donated at Primary Health Medical Group

Treasure Valley residents donated an astounding 1,110 bicycles at Primary Health Urgent Care clinics on Saturday, September 30th during the group’s first-ever bike drive benefitting Boise Bicycle Project (BBP).

The bike drive kicked off at 10:0am, and by 11:00 am, it was clear extra transportation and storage would be needed right away. Volunteers reported a steady stream of bikes at all urgent care locations spanning from Caldwell to East Boise, with many individuals donating multiple bikes.

Because You Don't Want to Miss That Pumpkin Pie!

Healthy kids baking pie after receiving their flu shots.
Healthy adults often forget one of the most important things they can do to protect their health: GET A FLU SHOT! 7 reasons you may not have considered:
BECAUSE you don’t have an extra week of vacation! Not counting the week you’ll take off staying home with your children.
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