Practicing at Primary Health Medical Group

The majority of the clinics are based on our “combination clinic” model that has both urgent care and appointment-based family practice available at the same location. This model helps to encourage continuity of care and enables referrals to the providers in Primary Health Medical Group. A physician leader and an administrator direct each clinic.

Providers and select administrative directors formed a partnership called Alliance Providers and purchased Primary Health Medical Group in June 2005. Alliance Providers received additional minority funding for the purchase by forming a partnership with St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center. Primary Health Medical Group is managed by a representative group of physicians, who select a physician president. An executive director, who reports to the president, runs day-to-day operations. The president reports to the Board that consists of representatives from Primary Health Medical Group and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center. The providers of Primary Health Medical Group make all major decisions relating to physician leadership, clinic operations, and physician compensation.

All of our providers and staff are dedicated to delivering the highest quality care and customer service to their patients. Primary Health Medical Group has extensive quality programs that measure outcomes, provide education, and encourage the use of best practice guidelines. All of the clinics use the same Electronic Health Record system ensuring consistent care. The atmosphere in all the clinics is collegial and the providers are very supportive of one another. A new provider working with us has the opportunity to develop a practice in a supportive environment and become an invested partner.

When you choose Primary Health Medical Group, you are also choosing an unsurpassed Idaho lifestyle of clean, friendly communities and boundless cultural and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Primary Health Medical Group and Idaho provide an opportunity to discover the perfect balance between a challenging practice and quality of life!

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