Meet the Providers

Family Practice

Family medicine provider Daryn Barnes, PA-C
Daryn Barnes, P.A.-C
family medicine provider Carolyn Barnhart, CFNP
Carolyn Barnhart, C.F.N.P.
Family doctor in Boise Charalee Basaldua, MD
Charalee Basaldua, M.D.
Meridian family doctor Sam Battaglia, M.D.
Sam Battaglia, M.D.
family doctor Marisa Battaglia, MD in Meridian, Idaho
Marisa Battaglia, M.D.
family physician Bruce Belzer, MD in Boise, ID
Bruce Belzer, M.D.
Family physician Mark Clinger, M.D. seeing new patients in Meridian
Mark Clinger, M.D.
Kristi Clukey, M.D. is now seeing patients at Primary Health in Boise
Kristi Clukey, M.D.
Family doctor in Nampa, Dustin Danowski, D.O.
Dustin Danowski, D.O.
April Dillion, D.O.
Lisa Dockter, M.D.
Meridian family medicine provider Jeremy Frix, PA-C
Jeremy Frix, P.A.-C
Family doctor D. David Hartman, M.D. at Primary Health on Broadway
D. David Hartman, M.D.
family doctor Heidi Herold, MD in Eagle, Idaho
Heidi Herold, M.D.
Timothy Hodges, DO, family medicine physician in Meridian, Idaho
Timothy Hodges, D.O.
Family doctor Angela House, D.O.
Angela House, D.O.
family doctor Tyler Hudon, MD in Boise
Tyler Hudon, M.D./M.P.H.
Mark A. Johnson, D.O.
family medicine provider Tim Loewenstein, PA-C
Timothy Loewenstein, P.A.-C
Family physician in Boise Abby Luensmann, MD
Abby Luensmann, M.D.
Family doctor Rob Lyons, MD in Meridian
Robert Lyons, M.D.
family physician Duncan MacDonald, MD in Boise
Duncan MacDonald, M.D.
Boise family physician Mark Michaud, MD
Mark Michaud, M.D.
Boise family physician Ryan Moore, MD
Ryan Moore, M.D.
family doctor in Nampa, John Mullins, MD
John Mullins, M.D.
Eagle family doctor Daniel Reed, MD
Daniel Reed, M.D.
Nampa family doctor Laura Reis (Danis), D.O.
Laura Reis, D.O.
Jeff Robbins, C.F.N.P.
family doctor Kristyn Schelhaas, D.O. in Meridian
Kristyn Schelhaas, D.O.
family physician in Caldwell, Patrick Stowell, MD
Patrick Stowell, M.D.
family doctor George Thomas, D.O. in Meridian
George Thomas, D.O.
Boise family doctor Cyrus Vania, DO
Cyrus Vania, D.O.
family doctor Amber Vania, DO in Boise
Amber Vania, D.O.

Sports Medicine & Family Practice

sports medicine and family doctor Shelley Ringo, MD
Shelley Ringo, M.D.
family doctor and sports medicine physician Kelly Wilkinson, MD
Kelly Wilkinson, M.D.


Boise pediatrician Angela Beauchaine, MD
Angela Beauchaine, M.D.
Pediatrician in Boise Ann Overy, DO
Ann Overy, D.O.
Boise Pediatrician David Peterman, M.D.
David Peterman, M.D.
Pediatric provider Katie Weller, CFNP in Boise
Katie Weller, C.F.N.P.


Boise dermatologist Matthew Bender, MD
Matthew Bender, M.D.

Ear, Nose and Throat

Boise ENT care provider Scott Morril, PA-C
Scott Morrill, P.A.-C
Boise ENT physician Martin Tubach, MD
Martin Tubach, M.D.


Boise OBGYN physician Robert Klomp, MD
Robert Klomp, M.D., M.S.

Occupational Health

family medicine and occupational medicine provider Daryn Barnes, PA-C
Daryn Barnes, P.A.-C
Stephen Martinez, M.D.

Urgent Care

urgent care provider Darryl Barnes, PA-C
Darryl Barnes, P.A.-C
urgent care provider Kelly Beach, PA-C
Kelly Beach, P.A.-C.
Urgent care provider in Boise, Christine Birch, PA-C
Christine Birch, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Joel Burch, PA-C
Joel Burch, P.A.-C
urgent care provider Ryan Burke, PA-C
Ryan Burke, P.A.-C.
Meridian urgent care provider Patrick Castellano
Patrick Castellano, P.A.-C.
Urgent care provider in Eagle, Idaho, Rylan Chan PA-C
Rylan Chan, P.A.-C.
Nathan Church, PA-C, urgent care provider
Nathan Church, P.A.-C
urgent care provider Christian Crawford, PA-C
Christian Crawford, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Sonya Crum, CFNP
Sonya Crum, C.F.N.P
urgent care provider Rob Duff, NP
Rob Duff, C.F.N.P.
urgent care provider Raul Godina, PA in Nampa
Raul Godina, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Valeri Grave, PA-C in Boise
Valeri Grave, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Heather Grote, PA
Heather Grote, P.A.-C.
Garden City urgent care doctor Derek Hamblin, MD
Derek Hamblin, M.D.
urgent care provider Christina Hoffman, CFNP
Christina Hoffman, C.F.N.P.
Garden City urgent care provider Donna Horan
Donna Horan, C.F.N.P.
Urgent care provider Sue Jardine in Meridian, ID.
Sue Jardine
Meridian urgent care provider Sean Lamb, PA-C
Sean Lamb, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Bryce Leonard, PA
Bryce Leonard, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Jenna Maffey, PA-C
Jenna Maffey, P.A.-C
Boise urgent care provider Greg Maloney, PA-C
Greg Maloney, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Shane McIntyre, PA-C
Shane McIntyre, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider David McMeekin, PA-C
David McMeekin, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Brent Noel, PA-C
Brent Noel, P.A.-C.
Frannie Proffitt, PA-C, urgent care provider
Frannie Proffitt, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Ramon Relyea, PA-C
Ramon Relyea, P.A.-C
urgent care provider Raul Rios, PA
Raul Rios, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Travis Robbins, CFNP in Boise
Travis Robbins, C.F.N.P.
urgent care provider Sam Shinkle
Sam Shinkle, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider Lloyd Stolworthy, MD
Lloyd Stolworthy, M.D.
Eli Thornton, C.F.N.P.
Urgent care provider Amber Vickers, PA-C
Amber Vickers, P.A.-C.
Downtown Boise urgent care provider Craig Walker, CFNP
Craig Walker C.F.N.P.
Urgent care provider Nate Ward, DO
Nate Ward, D.O.
Urgent care provider Becky Wells, PA-C
Becky Wells, P.A.-C
Urgent care provider Ryan Wilson, PA-C
Ryan Wilson, P.A.-C.
urgent care provider James Yerger
James Yerger, M.D.
Urgent care provider Lyndsi Zapp in Boise
Lyndsi Zapp, P.A.-C.