robert klomp m d m s

Boise OBGYN physician Robert Klomp, MD
Klomp, M.D., M.S.
Brigham Young University; University of Texas at Houston; Baylor College of Medicine
University of Florida
Practice Interests: 
Dr. Klomp offers comprehensive gynecological services and surgery including laser and laparoscopy. Special interests include non-hysterectomy, non-hormonal control of excess uterine bleeding and a wide variety of surgical treatments of urinary bladder incontinence and pelvic floor letdown (prolapse). Dr. Klomp is well known in the Pacific Northwest as one of the foremost leading experts of the "bladder" sling procedure as a cure for stress incontinence.
Personal Interests: 
Swimming, snow skiing, hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, white water rafting, fishing, reading, classical music, 50s and 60s music (Beatles and Beach boys), church, and spending time with his wife, kids and grandkids.
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